A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

MONO A MONO is the fast-paced arcade RTS where you lead a synchronized primate army. Use gorillas to capture monkey-generating shrines, or send your sword-wielding monkeys to thin the enemy horde. Protect and defend the central sanctuary from the enemy horde that threatens the jungle!

Our game was inspired by the Chilean idiom "monos con navaja", literally "monkeys with pocketknives," which is akin to saying  "a bull in a china shop," but the stakes are greater. The idea is that you'd control a large number of chaotic monkeys, and you have to protect and defend your own monkeys and towers--not only from your opponent, but also from your own unruly and unwieldy "monos con navaja".


CONTROLS - Player 1
WASD to move
Space to swap between monkeys and gorillas

CONTROLS - Player 1
Arrow keys to move
Enter to swap between monkeys and gorillas


This game was created as part of "The Indie Game Jam, presented by Schick Hydro" in partnership with Playcrafting. This groundbreaking 48-hour, indie game jam took place in New York City from November 17-19. During the jam, 20 of the rising stars of independent game development created games based on the theme of Schick Hydro’s mission: to “protect and defend.” The games will be showcased in a custom arcade – “The Indie Game Jam Arcade” – at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles at The Game Awards 2017 on December 7th.


Jyro Blade
Joshua DeBonis
Nikita Mikros
Tomas Vicuna
Wen Zheng

Thanks so much to Playcrafting and Schick Hydro for making this a reality!

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run, and have fun!


MonoAMono.zip 14 MB
MonoAMono_mac.zip 18 MB